We are connecting the trading game

We started small.

we are edutech trading academy and agency. Currently, we are evolving from traditional teaching methodology to automation and system based on AI & Algorithm technology.

This will help to reduce the gap of theories and practical knowledge for better understanding, better results and better consistency profitable in trading.

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What s special about tok TRADER ORANG KAMPUNG
Search Algorithm

forecasting algorithm

helping better to make accurate forecasting trend analysis everyday with new data

Complex computer algorithm

trend detector

solve the mystery of bias trend at market analysis at early at open market

Business achievement goal and objective target concept , Businessman drawing virtual arrow for plan to target.

bulletproof trading plan

auto complete trading plan with all style you need such as scalping, or intraday or even swing

why choose us

customized features

it can analyse market trend precisely with new data of market everyday

ease of use

it's come with entry and exit point within all popular timeframe.

24/7 support

We provide troubleshoot and customer services at all time

Trading is not for everyone, but today it is for everyone with Tok system. It’s connecting futures skills to generate better results, understanding, and consistency profitable even with minimal knowledge of trading.

montaj program mega workshop fcpo fast track

montaj program SUPER TRADER MEMBER

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2024 onwards

2024 onwards

2024 onwards

2024 onwards


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